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    The Best Reason to Learn French

    April 5, 2016

    My September itinerary includes just four days in Paris–and that first day is actually a travel day from London, so, really, we’re just talking about three and a half days. That’s not a lot of time to spend in one of the most amazing cities on Earth, admittedly. But I plan to make the very most of it, and I’m going to be honest with you: my no. 1 goal for Paris is to eat my way through the entire city.

    I’m not joking. You remember that feast scene in the animated Charlotte’s Web when Templeton the Rat eats all the leftovers at the fair and basically becomes this giant, rolly polly bag o’ food? Yeah. That’s the level of French eating I’m talking about. I want to go into every fromagerie, pâtisserie, and boulangerie I come across, not to mention bistros and brasseries and cafés. Does Paris do street food? I don’t even know–but if it does, I’ll pack that in somehow, too.
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